Skomer Island

Skomer is a small island of the south west coast of Wales. It's a haven for seabirds especially during the spring and summer months when puffins, razorbills and guillemots all nest there.


The puffins are probably the islands biggest draw for photographers. It is possible to get extremely close to them, sometimes within a metre or so as they scuttle between the cliff tops and their nesting burrows.


Skomer is reached by a short boat trip from Martin's Haven. The number of visitors to the island is controlled and you can't pre-book a place on the ferry so it pays to get to Martin's Haven in time for one of the earlier ferries. Regardless of how early you get there you could of course find that the ferry isn't running if the weather is bad.

The island is home to two types of owl: little owls and short eared owls. The little owls can sometimes be found on a rocky outcrop near to the small complex of buildings in the centre of the island where overnight visitors stay. If  you walk towards these buildings from the ferry landing point and then take a left along the path before the buildings you'll see the outcrop of rocks on the right.


You can also see gulls and wheatears on the island. For birds other than the puffins a 400mm or longer lens is useful. The steps that lead down to where the boat lands provide a good place to photograph the razorbills and guillemots.


There are no shops on the island so you need to take some food and water with you. There are toilets.

In Summary

When to visit: May through to the end of July is best for puffins and other nesting sea birds.


What to photograph: puffins and other sea birds, possibly owls.

Cost: £10 landing fee and £11 for the boat.

Location: a very short boat ride off the south west coast of Wales.


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