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Nature Photography Hides are a company that specialise in renting spaces in wildlife photography hides to photographers. One of the hides they provide access to is located close to a den used by red foxes. This hide is located in Buckinghamshire close to the village of Iver which is a ten minute drive from Slough.


The hide looks out onto a grassy area on which pieces of chicken are placed to attract the foxes. The hide is positioned to put the photographer on the eye level of the foxes which provides a very good position.


I first visited in July 2013 and returned in June 2014. During my first visit three or four fox cubs made frequent visits to collect pieces of chicken between 4pm and 5:30pm. On my second visit two cubs and two adult mails visited multiple times between 7pm and 8:30pm. There were lots of opportunities to get shots during these times.


Nature Photography Hides recommend that a tripod is used when in the hide, however I shot from a monopod and found this to be both effective and comfortable to use. It is important to minimise both movement and noise when in the hide to reduce the chane of disturbing the foxes.

The fox hide sessions runs from 3pm to around 9pm. The hide is ideally positioned so that the late afternoon sun is behind the hide and provides excellent lighting which gets better as the afternoon and evening progresses.


On my first visit most of the shots that I took used a focal length of between 300mm and 420mm using my Canon 7D which is a 1.6x crop camera. On my second visit I shot with a Canon 5D MkIII and used a 120-300mm lens fitted with a two times convertor, quite a number of the shots I took were at 600mm.


If you are visiting the hide it is advisable to take some water with you, you may also want to take something to eat. There is no toilet.

In summary

When to visit: May - August but see the dates on the Nature Hides website (link below).

What to photograph: foxes.

Cost: £125 for a five to six hour late afternoon/evening session.

Location: Iver which is a ten minute drive from Slough town centre.

Nature Photo Hide's website.

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You can contact me at [email protected].


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