Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why did you decide to support Cancer Research UK?

A) I want to raise money for a cancer charity that funds research into a wide range of cancers. Most people know someone who has had cancer of one sort or another and by chosing to support a general cancer charity I hope to appeal to a wide range of potential donors. Also, I've noticed during my treatment that all four of the chemotherapy agents I've used so far have first been identified for use in cancers other than LMS, indeed there are many  chemotherapy agents that are used in the treatment of several different cancers. It seems to me then that cancer research, although frequently initially focused on a specific type of cancer, often has benefits for the treatment of other cancers too.  Finally, Cancer Research UK's work has benefits for patients not just in the UK but across the world as a whole. That's important too as some of the people who may support my fund raising may be from outside of the UK.


Q) How much money are you hoping to raise?

A) At the time of writing I've raised in excess of £2400. I don't have a specific target but the more money raised the better!

Q) Why are you using Blurb when they take a cut from the price of the book?

A) I've used Blurb for several years now and found them to be a reliable company that produce high quality photo books. I wanted to find a way that I could sell an iPad eBook internationally and Blurb, unlike many other photo book companies, offer that service. Without using Blurb (or some similar service) it would have been difficult to create and sell "Wild Portraits".

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